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Another great Unique for Diablo 4 gold all classes is the Penitent Greaves. Make sure to check out my guide on the Penitent Greaves if you want a great frost-based armor piece in your Diablo 4 collection.

What Builds Use the Grandfather Unique in Diablo 4?

Considering the Grandfather is a weapon reserved for the Barbarian, you want this weapon for builds that have plenty of crowd control and rely on close-range battles. With the recent nerf to Critical Strike damage on some weapons, this can be a welcome addition to builds that rely on critical strikes for success.

Using the Grandfather in tandem with ice-based builds is also a great idea so you can land those critical hits without any worries. If the nerf to critical strike damage on swords is too much, then it may be time to throw the Diablo 4 weapon to the side.

There are tons of stats to keep track of in Diablo 4, and some of them don’t have a great explanation on the surface as you scroll through your equipment. Thorns are one of the many stats that can have a significant effect if you know how to utilize them, and I’m here to cheap Diablo IV gold explain how they work on your armor. Here’s how Thorns work in Diablo 4.


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