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Maybe on Fresh WOTLK Servers such as Skyfury, Maladath, Thekal or Giantstalker. Then I go back to WoW Classic SoD Gold Classic vanilla. There are a number of servers. My server was Faerlina that time. It was an extremely sought-after servers streaming servers, right a lot of people were playing on servers that had queues do some servers had queues for months, the initial months of classic well and Blizzard simply let it happen. So if you're expecting things to get better, as we transition to classic wrath and we go through the remainder of the preparations, I'd not be too optimistic.

So , I'd recommend asking Blizzard to provide free transfers to more desirable servers which are not these geriatric servers that nobody wants for their players to enjoy. And I know that because no one is playing on them. To the players who are currently in these login queues that try to play on the servers which have disgusting login queues that you shouldn't need to sift through.

Things might get a little more peaceful in the coming weeks as we continue through classic wrath pre patch. But , the moment wrath launches, things are going to get a lot worse. So maybe start thinking and talking to your friends and your group and sort of begin planning for it. Yes, I am aware the idea of planning ahead and having to pay to join a medium or lower POP server as opposed to Buy WoW SoD Gold the one you're on. Assuming Blizzard hasn't locked.


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